What Kids Teach Us, and Why We Should Take Notes

There is something about children that tends to bring out the best in adults. Kids can be as surprisingly inspirational as they are exasperating. Sometimes, they make valuable observations about the world we live in that grown-ups tend to overlook.

A Different Point of View

One of the greatest things about children is their inherent honesty. Kids are just natural truth tellers. Instinctively, they see to the heart of a situation, and often their first reaction is that of kindness and compassion toward their fellow man.

This inherent belief that there is more goodness than bad in the world will unfortunately ebb away by time and experiences. But we don’t have to lose this faith in humanity simply because we have aged.

Letting little human beings remind us of the ordinary magic of everyday situations can rejuvenate our jaded adult souls.

Never Ending Enthusiasm

Kids are little powerhouses of energy. They are curious about everything. They have questions about everything, as well, often to the frustration of the grownups in their lives.

Encourage them to ask lots of questions. Questions like, “Why is the grass green?” have answers, and when you help kids to seek out the answers, everyone is learning something new.

By embracing the inquisitiveness and zest for life that kids seem to have an endless supply of, we’re reminded that we are only as old as we feel.

Open Hearts and Open Minds

One thing that people tend to forget as they grow older is that everyone is a person. Kids see everyone as the unique individuals they are. They are also generally more accepting of others and are more curious about differences than frightened of them.

To retain that one quality into adulthood and throughout life is a feat not easily accomplished, as life’s experience alter our perspectives. If you ever need frank advice about the big questions in life, talk to a preschooler, they seem to have it all figured out.

Do you remember the daydreams of your youth? If you haven’t taken the time to daydream lately, you should. Kids know that minds need to wander sometimes, to find what we’re searching for.

Appreciate the Magic

Fireflies, cartoons, and puddle jumping are just a few of the countless ways we used to experience moments of pure bliss as children. Take a cue from the kids, and live life to its fullest by seeing the miraculous within the mundane.

There’s a whole great big world out there, with so many wondrous and interesting things to discover. You don’t have to travel around the globe to explore or be amazed. Just ask the best guides around, a kid, to show you the ropes on using your imagination, they have lots of practice.

It’s wonderful that the kids in our lives have just as much to teach us, as we do them. Children often possess wisdoms that belie their age that grownups have either forgotten, or never known.