Kids Impact the World Every Single Day

Children are often looked upon as too inexperienced to play a valuable role in our society. Research indicates that this presupposition is naïve and downplays the important positions children fill in society. Their influence is most evident in our own family units but can be felt throughout our daily lives.

Centering Their Moral Compass

In families around the globe, a synchronization occurs within the home that allows for the entire family to eat, sleep, play, and live in relative harmony. Sure, this isn’t always smooth sailing, but generally speaking, families develop their own unique codes of conduct and enact them.

Allowing kids to have some say in the family decision making processes, such as choosing chores and where to vacation, we teach our children valuable life skills that will stick with them throughout their lifetimes. Skills such as time management, negotiation, and personal interactions learned early are required in adulthood.

Learning How to Adult

We should teach our young group dynamics, according to experts, because they will be faced with situations throughout their entire lives that will require them to behave in specific manners to successfully accomplish a goal. This training begun in childhood has been shown to produce happier, healthier adults.

Hear the Kid Out

So, how can our children be valuable members in our families? There are no shortages of ways that kids contribute to the family unit, and it’s important to remember that they can be helpful, and even want to pitch in. Experts agree that kids with boundaries often appreciate them. Those experts would be the kids, themselves.

Surveys and case studies reveal that kids want to feel like they are contributing to the family unit, their educational environment, and the world. Student activism is at an all-time high, as more and more young people are realizing the impact they have on society, and a larger number of adults are working with them.

Children are Making Global Impacts

Kids today deal with an enormously large amount of information and peer pressures through the use of social media. Normal social interactions have gone global, through the expanse of internet access around the world. Kids walk this tightrope daily, for better or worse.

Youth today have an immense audience at the fingertips, and some kids use this as a way to enact social reform, while others have tapped into the power of the internet to expand their circle of friends beyond the neighborhood to the farthest points of the Earth. Kids are responsible for pushing some of the broadest and most successful social and environmental campaigns in modern times.

Remembering Our Inner Child

Perhaps, the most valuable impact that kids have on our lives is that they remind us adults to experience life through their eyes. Often, we are overworked, underpaid, and feeling more cynical and jaded than our younger selves would have ever imagined. So much can be learned from our kids if we are open to the concept.