Indomitable Spirit, Growing Bodies

The world would be a very boring place if there were no children. Whether we adults realize it or not, kids influence every aspect of our daily lives, even those of us who are child-free. Stop and think about it a moment and it’s easy to see how vitally important children are.

Kids Are the Future of Everything

As cliché as it sounds, children really are the inheritors of the Earth. Despite their inability to vote, drive, or even own a bank account kids carry the burden of the today’s decision-making adults. Kids are barred from having any say-so in countless endeavors that directly affect their growth, education, and ultimately shape the grownups they will become. Because of this, they are readily dismissed as having less value than that of their seniors.

The idea that children should be seen, and not heard prevails in many cultures. This is a counterproductive concept in face of the reality that eventually, since those same children will be the ones running our planet when they come of age. Knowing how important children are to society as a whole, we should remember they are just as valuable in the family unit, itself. What they contribute to their own families can’t be measured in dollars and cents.

We Need Their Integrity

Most kids are eager to help others, and given the opportunity, will do so at every opportunity. We owe it to our younger generation to give them reasons to continue this behavior. Until experiences and influences tell them they shouldn’t, children are naturally kind-hearted. If we want to foster a peaceful society, we would do well to remember as adults that “Nice Matters” and follow their example.

Kids are the Bridge Time and Distance

Aside from merely populating the planet, we have children to carry on family names, legacies, and traditions. Kids are the perfect receptacle to preserve our history and carry it into the unknown future. Likened to sponges, they really do absorb the world around them and hold it in their hearts and minds. What kids learn today inspires tomorrow’s possibilities, and they can teach us an awful lot, too.

Many adults are shocked to realize that much of today’s technology, scientific research, social reform and artistic talent comes from the 18 and under crowd. Kids are globally connected like never before, and they intend to use that to their advantage, and already are. Through social media platforms children have launched movements, raised awareness and funding, and sparked positive community initiatives.

What Kids Offer at Home

Talking to young people in our lives informs us of what the world looks like through their eyes. Parents can’t know everything that their kids will be exposed to in their day to day lives, but if we listen when they talk to us, we’re quick to find out just how perceptive youth can be. They are quick to organize, inquisitive, and passionate about social issues, proving kids are ready to take on tomorrow’s challenges.