Buying a Baby Formula: A Guide for New Parents

Expecting parents have a lot to worry about before their baby arrives. From choosing a crib and mattress to picking the right type of baby formula, the worries never seem to end. Choosing the right type of baby formula is, however, one of their biggest concerns. With so many options and varieties, manufacturers, and retailers, how are parents supposed to know what type of product to buy, to boost their baby’s health and keep them nourished?

The guide below will make the baby formula shopping experience a lot more pleasant and easier to tackle.

Choose the right formulation

Baby formulas today are designed with the infant’s health and parent’s convenience in mind. Over the years, baby formulas have evolved from powdered to liquid and ready-to-feed products. Below is more insight into each category.

  • Powdered baby formulas – powdered baby formulas are perfect for parents who want to store it safely for longer. Preparing a powdered baby formula is a hassle sometimes. The powder rarely mixes perfectly with the water you have to add. This can create lumps and chunks. To prevent this, give it a vigorous shake. While powdered baby formulas can be safely stored for long periods, pre-mixing those will offer you a 24-hour time frame to feed it to your baby.
  • Liquid concentrate baby formulas – this option is more convenient than powdered baby formula, but works on the same principle: you have to add the quantity of water stated in the instructions to prepare it. The most convenient part about this option is that parents don’t have to struggle anymore with completely dissolving the formula. On the flip side, this is a more expensive and difficult to store type of formula.
  • Ready-to-feed baby formulas – most parents think ready-to-feed baby formulas are the most convenient solution. You don’t have to do anything prior to feeding it to your baby. However, this is a more expensive option, which also damages the environment because each dose comes in a single-use bottle.

How much formula should you buy?

Expecting parents might be tempted to stock on huge amounts of baby formula, even before their baby is born. However, specialists advise only purchasing a couple of containers at once. Although options like powder formula might be perfect to feed your baby even after long intervals, the baby might not tolerate a brand or formulation well. As per the information at, parents should wait and see which type of formulation and brand their baby tolerates best.

When switching between brands, prepare for symptoms like gassiness and fussiness. These can be triggered by formulation changes, as well.

Learn how to safely prepare the formula

If you pick formulations you have to prepare before feeding your child, you must pay increased attention to the instructions on the container. For instance, the powdered formula takes a while to prepare. If you’re unwilling to lose time in the middle of the night just to prepare a bottle of formula, ready-to-feed containers are your best friend. This will also help you prevent mixing mistakes and ensure your baby gets all the necessary nutrients from each bottle.